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Automatically Post To Twitter

This is now deprecated. I no longer recommend feedburner if you are using WordPress or another blog platform that has a feed built-in. I also no longer recommend automatically posting to any site, including facebook and twitter. You are better off on any of the social networks, including Twitter, to tailor the message to your audience, not just use the title like most automation software does. If you want to use the power of social media, you are better off hand-crafting your messages. Sure, it takes a little time but, in the end you will give your readers a better experience. The best thing to do is to think of your readers, not the search engines. By creating a personal user experience, you will get more real readers. You will also get better search engine love. Automating content is dead. Your readers really do know the difference, and so do the search engines.
Twitter Problems One of the problems, especially when posting to Twitter, is that your post is usually fairly long. Twitt…

Simple Wordpress Fix For Security

Well, technically not Wordpress, but your hosting is probably vulnerable.
From if you want to read the whole thing.
There was an attack on Wordpress blogs hosted at Network Solutions, but your host is probably guilty as well.
The gist of what happened is the wp-config.php was readable by the world and the crackers got access to the database passwords and logins which are stored in that file in plain text.
It is a Wordpress problem because that was considered best practice. In reality, none of your file need to be world readable, only readable by the web server, so you can safely eliminate any world read permissions.
If that is over your head don't panic. Just ask your host.

Responsive design for video - Deprecated

Warning, this is deprecated now. I'm leaving it in the interest of Web Integrity. Tweetables Does your blog video display correctly on mobile devices? ... click to tweet Use WordPress? Do your videos play at the right size on all devices? ... click to tweet
Transcript Hi, Jon Griffin here with another little tip, brought to you by This is sort of a geek tip and also sort of a marketing tip because it affects both. But it’s not geek so much that you have to do a lot of code. Basically, if you want your website to work both mobile and traditional, you need to make sure your videos are also what we call responsive or they’re fluent and they move with the size of their screen. I noticed a lot of people may have a great theme that looks good on mobile, but their videos from YouTube or wherever, they don’t size correctly.
Responsive design for video I’m going to show you a little trick in WordPress, a plug-in and I’ve tried a lot of them, because I do a lot of vi…

Marketing Calendar

Have you ever heard something you knew was something you needed to implement right away? Of course you have, and I have as well.
One of those aha moments was at the Las Vegas Wealth Seminar.
James Jones was doing his presentation and he showed us his promotional calendar (I call it a marketing calendar). He answered that he had a monthly promotional planner and proceeded to show us an example. Everyone should have a marketing calendar, and if you have more than one project going, you definitely need one. Instead of getting some fancy program, why not use what you probably already have -- Google Calendar.
What To Put On The Calendar You can add whatever you want, but in general I want recurring events, not specifics. Those of you with many sites to promote may just use a generic calendar, but I have separate calendars for all the sites I actively promote (i.e. not autoblogs). If you have specific products, add them and any dates like pre-launch, launch, etc. You can just have a generic…

Amazon Web Services access keys tutorial

Hello again. This is Jon Griffin. I just want to talk to you about a little change in your Amazon Web Services account that you may or may not have noticed. That is that your security credentials are changing. It's not that they're going away or anything has to change, but there are no longer going to show you, online, what your secret code is.

Amazon Web Services access keys If you go to your security credentials, access keys, you'll see that we have one that I deleted that I just made. Here's my old one from 2008. What you're going to want to do is create a new root key. What's going to happen then, is it's going to pop up, “You have successfully created a new access key and secret key with ID, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” You can try and hack that. I'm going to delete it, so don't worry. “Please download your key file now, which contains your new access key ID and secret access key.” What that actually does, is gives you a CSV. You need to inst…

Have you cleaned your Facebook apps?

Facebook apps are very easy to add to your profile. Your friends invite you to some. Marketers want you to like them and get specials. Maybe you saw an ad and thought that's cool, I will sign up.
Well, I was shocked at how many apps I had activated in my account. Most of them I recognized, but some I didn't. Others I had a vague recollection of using many years ago.
It all started when I switched from AWeber to MailChimp for my email program. I wanted to hook up my emails to post on Facebook automatically. MailChimp makes this real easy, but the problem was I had a bunch of test apps, and developer apps so it took a while to find my "real" account.
This isn't a problem with fan pages and groups since they show up with your name. The problem was with the developer apps. They all show, Jon Griffin.
While searching for the way to delete or rename those, I stumbled upon a page I never check. It was the apps page under settings. I clicked it ans was surprised at just …

New Social Media - Facebook Alternatives

Probably Deprecated Are you overwhelmed with social media marketing? Not sure where to start? Having trouble keeping up with your campaigns?
Well if FaceBook and Twitter weren't enough, I want to introduce you to a few more social media sites. Don't worry though, one of them will actually help you organize your social media campaigns and the other 2 are alternative sites you may know about, but have never thought of using as social media.
Amanda DiSilvestro  writing on Marketing For Success goes into more depth on these sites:
Most PR gurus and journalism know-hows are aware that Facebook and Twitter are not the only social media networks that yield big results.
If you were ever to watch a social media expert navigate their way around all the different social networks and blogs you may very well find yourself lost.
All of these different outlets can be… connected in some way, making social media work somewhat of an art.
For example, it is possible to stumble a podcast and foll…

Do You Over Deliver?

The 3rd Earn 1k a Day seminar just ended, and I have to say that as always the event over delivered. If you have a chance to go next year (and if they have the event again), it would be the best money you spent all year. I don't promote many affiliate products, but when I know the people involved, and I mean personally, I will. I have been a member of Earn 1k a Day for a while, and recommend it highly. In fact more than highly. Check the links at the bottom of this post to get an idea of what is there, and take action.
How Many 5 Figure Ideas Do You Have? I know that these 3 days have given me at least 2 five-figure business ideas. There are more in there, but two of them are immediately actionable for my business. The speakers covered the gamut of current internet marketing ideas. Even with some last minute cancellations, the speakers filled in the slack and gave unbelievable presentations.
Do you know how to use LinkedIn to effectively generate leads? I bet you don't.Do you k…

Facebook Automation Trick

Like many of you, I use Facebook for a lot of things. Much of the time it is to keep up with friends, but I do follow recommendations from people that are my "friends."
I have to say though, that at least for me, keeping up with posting status updates and stuff can be time consuming, especially since, god forbid, I don't have a "smart" phone. In fact my phone is quite dumb, and if I am not in front of a real computer, well, I am not connected.
I like it that way. I don't need the disturbances when I am not working on stuff. Believe me, nothing is that important. If it is, whoever is needing to tell me something has my number and can call me.
You see, I grew up in a time when there were no cell phones, in fact, there were no portable phones. We had a phone in the kitchen and one in my moms room. There was even a time when I lived out in the country (Rainbow, California), that we had a 4 way party line, That's right, 4 housed shared a single phone line.


By Jon Griffin
Many people think of globalization as the transfer of jobs to foreign countries. While this is certainly a part of globalization, a true definition would have to include the interconnectedness of everything around us. The interconnections are evidence of the true nature of globalization. Especially in the free world, very little is produced or created in only one country. Parts, labor, and transport almost always cross international lines at some point in the product cycle. Even service industries are affected by globalization. Many services, or parts of the service, are now performed by people or companies in foreign lands. This is especially true since the internet has made borders disappear and places even the smallest companies in front of potentially millions of customers.
Major Drivers of Globalization Communications advances, specifically the internet, are certainly one of the major drivers of globalization. The ease of conducting business across the internet and…

Are You Really An Entrepreneur?

I have found there are two kinds of people in the world: entrepreneurs and employees. Which are you?
Before you click away think long and hard, are you really cut out to work for yourself?
OK, now all you employees can click away, good bye!
Stability Today I was walking with my neighbor and he couldn't understand how I could work 7 days a week (yeah, I know you read the 4 hour work week, good luck with that). I explained that, while I work everyday, I don't have to work at all. He gave me this wtf look and I had to snicker to myself.
You see, I have the discipline to work without a boss. Many of you do as well, but many of you, even those that own your own business, are just trading your time for the illusion of entrepreneurship.
My neighbor on the other hand likes stability, a check every two weeks, the gold watch when he retires. He is happy living the middle class dream. I have to admit, it is tempting. He comes home and he is done with work. Saturday and Sunday? Unlike me,…

Using irFanView to batch edit images

I recently decided to repurpose a product and turn it into a book and Kindle version. The Kindle version had no real issues with images since they get down sampled anyway, but the printed book needed to have the images at at least 300 dpi (dots per inch). If not the images would almost certainly be grainy, and I don’t want that. Most screen capture software saves the images at 96 dpi or sometimes 72 dpi. I started using Photoshop and taking each image and making it 384 dpi by using the bicubic sampling functions. It was a pain. First, change the image type to indexed color, then upscale, downsize (the images get really big), then change back to RGB. Do that for 50 images, well, you get the idea.
My search for automated image manipulation I started looking for a Photoshop script to do the work, and couldn't find one I thought was decent. Then I looked at some commercial programs, but I never did use them. Instead, I stumbled across irFanView. This program does everything I needed a…

Amazon Collections

Deprecated We're going to talk about a little feature that Amazon has included in August of 2013.  In August 2013, Amazon quietly released a new feature that will be of interest to marketers called Amazon Collections.  It's a direct competitor to Pinterest.  There's some significant differences though.  Why Amazon even matters.  First, a quick recap for those who don't like or use Amazon.  I know you're out there.  One reason Amazon's very important, especially to the men reading this, is that Amazon has a very diverse audience.  It's not a heavily female-dominated site like Pinterest and some people have already declared Collections the male Pinterest.  So that should peak your interest a bit.

Amazon Collections vs Pinterest So let's talk about Amazon Collections versus Pinterest.  Pinterest allows you to pin almost any content to their account including links to products.  In fact, Pinterest has upped the commerce ante by announcing the addition of s…

Using BackWPup for WordPress backups

Many of you are looking for a free way to do back ups on WordPress, and even though I've got some scripts to back up whole directories and that on my website, it's really nice to be able to split each WordPress instance or website into its own backup, just in case one goes bad or you need to move it. I've been using BackWPup. I think that's how they pronounce it, but it's WordPress back up plug-in for a year or so now, and it's only gotten better. You can look for it. Just type in BackWPup. I'm not going to teach you how to add plug-ins or activate them or anything like that, so that's the name of it. You'll notice on the dashboard, you have a way to set up your options.

You can go ahead and read on this, but I'm going to show you the basic thing you want to do is go to Jobs, and you see I have one called Nightly 2S3. You can back up to many places, Amazon, local file, I believe Dropbox, all kinds. What you want to basically do is go to Add New …